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Why did my garage door come off its tracks?

Initially, garage doors that come off the tracks are extremely dangerous. This can cause serious injury to you. By knowing this, you will be able to take the necessary preventive measures to keep yourself and your loved ones safe using your garage door. Now let's see these situations where we can encounter this kind of problem.

The main cause: you hit it with your car

When garage doors have come off their tracks, the most common cause is that its owner has hit it with his car. When a garage door is hit by a vehicle, it very often damages the two bottom sections, and it deals a blow to the entire door system itself. Know that the car does not have to run at a very high speed to cause the worst ... 5 to 8 kilometers per hour (3 to 5 m / h) is enough! A few rollers will come out of the tracks, leaving the garage door in a fairly precarious position, often held up by the door lifting cables.

If this happens to you, the safest thing to do is turn off your vehicle's engine and safely exit the garage. Then, call garage doors expert in Gaithersburg, MD, to come and put everything in good order. Don't try to fix it all on your own.

Horizontal tracks have bent under the weight of the door, or they are not aligned properly

The second most common cause is related to the poor quality of the horizontal tracks installed in your door system. When you have a double garage door, say 4.9 meters (16 ft) wide, you should be aware that the door's total weight can vary between 100 and 185 kilograms (225 and 400 lbs). Suppose the horizontal tracks are not made of steel strong enough to support the door, ideally 14 gauge (0.073 in - 1.8 mm) steel, in addition to being reinforced with a metal angle iron bar inverted "L" shape (2 "x 2", 13 gauge thick) to prevent the tracks from bending inward, at the slightest shock the door may take. In that case, the tracks will bend, and the door will fall on the garage floor.

One or two casters break with wear

If one or two rollers on garage doors break due to too much premature wear or poor quality, it can put additional stress on the other rollers in the hardware. This tension can cause other casters to also break or come off the tracks. And it doesn't stop there: additional weight placed on other casters can cause the horizontal rails to bend as well, and you guess the rest. Remember that the heavier the weight of your garage door, the greater the consequences.

One of the lifting cables broke

This is rather rare as a situation, but it can happen, especially if your garage door is old and you have never focused on it. The lifting cables are located on each side of the door. This cable winds in the grooves of a drum, fixed to it on a steel tube, on which the torsion-type spring system rests. If the door alignment is out of alignment for some reason, the cable will misalign in the drum, then unravel and break without much warning.