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When should I replace my garage door opener?

A lifespan of 10 to 15 years may seem short for an electric garage door opener when you consider that a system is designed more often than not by engineers who have access to advanced technology as well as engineers, designers of smart home appliances. We believe there are two reasons for this delay in research and development.

The technology: doesn't really focus on garage door openers except for some companies that have chosen to invest in improving their product. The life cycle of their openers is longer, as the company focuses on essential characteristics, such as reliability, ruggedness, safety, and technology.

Municipal or government regulations: No matter where you live, governments tend to overlook updating garage door opener regulations, which help to slow down the evolution of their efficiency and reliability.

What should I do to make sure my garage door opener is efficient and safe?

The first step is to find the date of manufacture of your opener. This will allow you to assess whether there are any parts that need to be replaced or if your system needs to be replaced. Suppose you do not know the date of manufacture of your opener, whether it is because you bought your home and the opener was already in place or because you cannot remember the year of your opener.

  • Examine the metal motor housing near the ceiling of your garage. You will normally find the year of manufacture, serial number, and model name there.
  • If you cannot find any information on the case of engine your opener, there's something to give you an idea of its year of manufacture: If your garage door does not open with a system automatic photoelectric reversing your opener was manufactured before 1993 because since that date it is mandatory to install this system in addition to the mechanical system already in place in Canada and the United States.

The life of an opener depends on how you use it and how it is maintained, just like any appliance in your home.

If you believe your opener is a decade or older, it is time to seriously consider having your system checked by a professional. Normally, a tune-up is done in a few quick steps and is not very expensive: we check your entire garage door system, apply lubricant if necessary and make the necessary adjustments. If a defective part needs to be changed, you are always consulted before replacing anything.

If your opener is relatively new, it is recommended that you have your system checked every 18 months from the date of purchase.

Here are some tips to make sure your garage door opener is safe for you and your family.

  • Make sure your opener's control panel is away from your children.
  • Be vigilant and supervise your children and pets when the garage door is in motion.
  • Never allow your child to hang on to the garage door when it opens or when it closes.
  • Regularly inspect the mechanical and photoelectric systems of your opener. If you only have a mechanical system, be sure to have a photoelectric system added as soon as possible.