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What are these noises that my garage door makes?

For some time now, your garage door has been making funny noises. It worries you, and it doesn't worry you too much at the same time. Either way, it opens and closes when you press the button on your remote transmitter.

However, the rational side of your brain is telling you that it should be taken care of before the door stops working at all, and one of those mornings, you can't get your car out of the garage.

But how do you explain to an Any Time Garage Door Repair Gaithersburg over the phone that your door is making such and such a noise, and you want to know if it's serious or not? However, it is clear that the louder and louder the noise, the greater the risk that everything will give out very soon.

Boom, bam, bong!

It is a loud thump that occurs when the door opens and closes. If you have an electric garage door opener, the latter may lift and close your garage door with some difficulty and making loud noises. This is often related to the fact that one of the torsion type springs (installed above the door) on your double door is broken and needs to be replaced. By the way, it is extremely rare for the 2 torsion springs on a 16ft (4.9m) long door to break at the same time.

If you have a single door, say 9 feet (2.7 m) wide, and a Torsion spring, your opener will be able to lift the door in an emergency, but it's not without danger.

To find out, look carefully above the door when it is closed to see if any of the springs are broken into two pieces. If so, quickly contact Any Time Garage Door Repair Gaithersburg to have the broken spring replaced.

Cling, cling, cling!

It's a fairly average noise, but continuously as the door opens and closes. There can be different causes, but the most common is the friction of the torsion spring strands against each other. Since garages are cold and damp most of the time, rust can appear on the springs, and overtime, when the springs are dry, this friction produces much noise.

This type of noise can also be caused by one (or more) defective roulette wheels about to fall.

Squeak, squeak, squeak!

It is a rather shrill and continual noise as the door goes up and down. The main cause is often a lack of lubrication at the weather stripping of the exterior frame and the weather stripping between the garage door panels. These parts are made of PVC, and over time they dry out and may stick together.

Grind, grind, grind!

Rather medium and continuous noise, often connected to the electric garage door opener's chain or belt. As if the opener was forcing unnecessarily and one of the motor gear pinions skipped a stitch. The chain or belt is probably too loose, and an adjustment is necessary.

Is this serious, Doctor?

Yes and no! A broken spring is serious. Immediately call for repair within 24 hours. Friction noises of the weatherstripping at the bottom of the garage door on the exterior frame's weatherstripping frame are less serious.

However, do not dare to repair your garage door yourself and especially to change a broken spring. The entire lifting system is under very high tension and corresponds to the total weight of the door.

On the other hand, you can eliminate a good part of the noise yourself by lubricating certain parts of your garage door:

  • Metal parts: a little petroleum-based oil on the rollers, hinges, and springs.
  • The PVC parts: using a silicone lubricant for cold-cutting the door's bottom, between the sections and the outer frame.

You can get these lubricants from Any Time Garage Door Repair Gaithersburg. If you find that it has been quite a while since your garage door was inspected and adjusted, contact a technician specializing in garage doors and openers.

Should I have my garage door tuned properly?

YES! It is advisable to do this every 18 months if your garage door is over 5 years old. Consult Any Time Garage Door Repair Gaithersburg now!